Saturday, January 16, 2010

Designer Engagement Rings

Oh my god!! Is the very first sound we hear from a lady’s mouth when she touches a diamond. A loud scream of joy is there to be for sure whenever you gift your “someone special” with a sparkling piece of diamond. Giving a diamond shows your effort to make you love timeless and eternal in the eye of your lover for the whole life time. Every girl has a “special story” and having diamond is the best one of them to share with everyone.

Presenting a woman with a diamond designer engagement ring at the time of propose began in 1477 when Archduke Maximilian presented a diamond ring to Mary of Burgundy – and in most cases, the woman you plan to propose to will expect a ring to accompany that proposal! And that has to be of diamond if you want to seal the deal of your life. Among the most well known diamonds is the Hope. This 45.52 carat steel blue diamond is currently on display at the Smithsonian. The legends of the ill-fortune and curse bestowed on the possessor of the Hope Diamond are many. This diamond was donated to the Smithsonian in 1958.

Over the year diamond has never lost its charm and charisma. The best occasion for a diamond is always attached with love. Engagement is one of such a very special occasion when diamond just makes the day perfect for the bride. Guys always tries to make sure the success of relationship by gifting a diamond rings at the time of propose. Nothing is more cute and beautiful to a woman in the whole world like a diamond ring and a diamond like husband or lover.

Nowadays the experience of shopping has got a new definition in the modern world of our society. There are many online shopping sites which claim to give you the best in the domain of diamond jewelry. But before leaping in these lucrative traps you should look twice. There are many things you should take into account before buying the symbol of love for your precious. This comprises of diamond’s cut, diamond’s carat, weather it is colored or not. Only some of the most elite sites are fully equipped with varieties of collections and fine diamond quality. Jewelry ignites is the best of all this, they ensure you truly what you deserve and what you look for. They have a wide range of collections to choose from with lots of designer diamond jewelry’s too.

So next time when you think of her think of jewelry ignites, as diamonds are eternal and your love too!!

[Written By- Soumya Dhar.]


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